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StageZero Technologies is an AI automation company that provides algorithms and machine learning training data for virtually any automation project imaginable.

With our constantly growing data creation and labeling community, in combination with our AI experts, we can provide the engine of any automation solution you may need.


Whatever your need is

Autonomous systems 


For autonomous systems, we provide object detection services, such as data labeling, data collection, and algorithm creation. This can be applied to self-driving as well as a variety of industrial use cases.

Inventory control and loss prevention 


Using smart cameras and algorithms that we can provide, we can help you manage inventory and prevent loss in retail and warehouse environments.

Speech recognition 


Do you have a voice assistant or speech recognition product? We provide services for collecting and labeling data to improve these services for any language using our unique technology.

Other cases 


If a camera can see it, we can automate it! We can provide custom algorithms and datasets to meet your use case.

Automating work safety and security 


We provide services for improving safety and reducing risks at workplaces using smart cameras. Algorithms can be deployed to automatically monitor safety gear use, unauthorized access and other similar use cases.

Pollution detection and circular economy 


We provide services for automatically monitoring and preventing environmental hazards as well as services for improved automation in the circular economy. Examples would be helping to identify oil leads and verifying sorting in recycling.

Digital text

handwritten text 2.JPG

Do you have a product that needs to understand text or handwriting? We collect and label data for text related products.

Biometric anonymization​

It’s not enough to blur faces in images to be compliant with the ever-changing privacy regulations across the globe. ​We offer a service that ensures your datasets have no biometrically identifiable information while still being usable for AI development.​




Founded in 2016 in Helsinki, Finland with roots in the video games industry. We wanted to use AI to build better games, but quickly realized that the data to do that just didn’t exist, so we built a platform that enabled our users to create that training data for us. Today we can offer the power of that platform to our customers. 


Our mission is to accelerate the AI revolution by making training data more affordable and more available to companies everywhere.


We minimize time you need to spend on data in AI projects. Typically, 80% of time in AI projects goes to different data activities.


Our unique technology allows a 100x user scale and a quick turnaround, and can deliver high-quality results thanks to multiple levels of human and machine validation.

Our service is built around the refining of data to be 100% compliant with GDPR and all similar privacy regulations.​


Dr. Thomas Forss

Co-Founder and CEO 

“Privacy and ethical AI are cornerstones in our business.”


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